Shasla P.U.D.

Introduction & Contacts

If you have questions about the payment or want to cancel it, please contact us:

Email |
Customer Care/Billing | (281) 353-9756
Service/Repair | (281) 353-9809

West Houston | 17332 Groschke Rd., Houston, TX 77084
Spring | 27335 West Hardy Rd, Suite 101, Spring, TX 77373


For District information and to sign up for the district’s email notification system, please visit our website at

Start/Stop New Service


The form has editable fields you can fill directly on your phone or computer. Once completed, send the filled form at, or return it to one of our office locations.

Items Required

  • Proof of Ownership or Lease – Please only include the 1st page of closing disclosure or 1st page of lease.
  • I.D. – a copy of your valid I.D. is required.
  • Fees – Applicable Deposit and Application Fee

Fees + Deposit

A deposit of $75.00 or $150.00 depending on owning or leasing the property with proper documentations and an application fee of $35.00 will be collected. You can pay this via credit card over the phone OR in person using check or money order at 27335 West Hardy Rd, Suite 101, Spring, TX 77373 OR mail to P.O. Box 2569, Spring, TX 77383.

$10.00 Minimum
0-4,000 gallons$2.50/1000 gallons
4,001-8,000 gallons$1.00/1000 gallons
8,001-15,000 gallons$1.25/1000 gallons
15-,001-25,000 gallons$1.50/1000 gallons
25,001-40,000 gallons$1.80/1000 gallons
40,0001 gallons thereafter$2.40/1000 gallons
$29.50 Minimum
0-50,000 gallons$0.59/1000 gallons
50,001 gallons thereafter$0.75/1000 gallon

$4.32/1000 gallons

For more information on this fee, please visit the authority website


Residential Recycling & Refuse
(346) 248-5222
Please contact your trash provider regarding containers and pick-up days –